Dennis Barry Strive Scholarship

The Racine Founder’s Rotary Club is offering ten $2,000 one-year college scholarships to students graduating from Racine High Schools. The Scholarship Committee will be awarding scholarships to students who score the highest in the categories below:

  • Active involvement in school and community activities
  • Quality and the message of their essay –“Service Above Self” (limit to one page)
  • Significant academic improvement through their 4 years in high school
  • Have overcome adversity in their life
  • One letter of recommendation from a Counselor
  • One letter of recommendation from a Community Leader

This scholarship is designed to be unique among scholarships. The Dennis Barry Strive Scholarship is intended for students who began their high school career with grades that did not reflect their potential but by their senior year have shown significant improvement in their academic ability. Applicants should also be able to demonstrate their active involvement in school and community activities.

High school students who are interested in applying for the scholarship may contact their high school counselor for an application or apply online.

Applications are closed for 2024 - thank you!!