2023 Racine Founder's Rotary Post Prom

Prom Map

6:00 PM


Racine County Fairgrounds

The 70th Annual Racine Founder's Rotary Club's Post Prom 2023 is May 20 at the Racine County Fairgrounds

Racine Founder’s Rotary Club will continue its 70-year tradition of providing a safe celebration for graduating seniors with Post Prom 2023  “Met in the Mediterranean,” presented by Educators Credit Union, on Saturday, May 20 from 6 p.m. – 1 a.m. at the Racine County Fairgrounds. The theme for this formal indoor/outdoor gala-style event, was chosen by the senior representatives from the nine participating schools (Case, Horlick, Lutheran, Park, Prairie, R.E.A.L, St. Catherine’s, Union Grove and Walden III high schools).

“This is our third year the club will present Post Prom at the fairgrounds,” Rotary president Laura DeGroot said. "The kids really seemed to like it there, so we decided to return for another year to celebrate the graduates."

Parents and other spectators are welcome to watch this year’s Rotary Post Prom Parade in person from the VIP Spectator Bleacher Seats. Visitors must enter off of Highway 11 and park in that south spectator-designated section of the parking lot only (see map on website). Bleacher tickets are available for $10 at rotarypostprom.com and are strongly suggested to be purchased in advance.

Municipal and county law enforcement have again stepped up to escort the motorcade to the fairgrounds. A small number of vehicles will be available to transport students back to Racine following the event, in emergency cases.

Attractions will include:

  • Live red carpet TV coverage by MY24 (You can watch it LIVE on My24 Milwaukee or online at my24milwaukee.com)

  • Motorcades from schools to the fairgrounds (visit rotarypostprom.com for motorcade schedule)

  • Bleacher ticket sales for spectators (purchase in advance at rotarypostprom.com)

  • A 360 photo experience presented by Educators Credit Union

  • Massive indoor 1,700 square foot laser tag arena

  • Custom-built indoor selfie museum

  • Sports, virtual reality and other arcade-style games

  • Inflatables, professional photographers, drone videographers

  • Nightclub-style DJ on the red carpet and in the Rave Building

  • Karaoke

  • Food and beverages

Tickets are only available at the participating schools and cost $50 per person (plus processing fees if applicable). 

Racine Rotary Clubs have had a long and proud tradition of hosting Post Prom since 1953. It was established to provide a safe and fun environment for area graduating seniors following their respective school proms. This event is truly a Racine treasure that has grown to over 1,300 participants. The event is just one of the ways Rotary has strived to put “Service Above Self” and has been serving the Racine community for over 100 years. 

For more information, email racineprom@gmail.com or call (262) 822-3833. 


 Security & Safety…You will be receiving your wristband when you arrive at your designated motorcade departure location, from your school. This wristband must be worn for the duration of Post Prom. It’s coded to you/your name and ticket. It is not transferable to anyone else. At the gate, your wristband will be scanned, all purses will be searched, and prom-goers screened utilizing metal detectors. All Post Prom-goers wristbands will be scanned again when you leave. If and when you leave, you can’t return for any reason. Your arrival and departure time will be scanned into our system, along with emergency contact info. A nurse will be onsite for emergencies. She will have a variety of first-aid supplies, feminine products, and can keep medication with her, especially if it needs to be refrigerated. 

Comfort & Wardrobe Malfunctions…We will have a COAT AND SHOE CHECK BEFORE THE RED CARPET, as well as inside the event. Absolutely no bags will be allowed. Small purses, small fanny packs & clutches are the largest allowed – and all will be searched. We will have a seamstress at the event. See the below map for location of coat check, nurse and seamstress. When selecting your footwear, please remember this is park terrain. Most of the walkways are paved but some are damaged or uneven. Most activities will be in the large Expo Open Class & Activity building, both of which are semi-heated. Temperatures do drop in the evenings and rain is always possible. Watch weather forecasts and prepare. Some umbrellas will be stationed between the buildings for short-term use. Some flip flops will be available for emergencies only (see nurse). 

Pre-Parking/ Drop a Car…..This is an excellent choice! Prom goers can “drop a car” at the RCFG on Saturday 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Enter off Hwy 45 and park way down in lower/south side of the grassy field

Motorcade with a Chauffer…..Excellent option!!! If you have a driver taking you to Post Prom, great! They can drop you off at the red carpet and pull right on through and out the motorcade exit only. Best option!! You can either get picked up at the end of the night or drop a car, as mentioned above. 

Motorcade w/ Student Parking live….. You will let your guests out of the car in front of the bleachers (they will wait near the DJ tent) while you park the car in the north lot. You will walk behind the bleachers to the start of the red carpet. You can join your friends & walk the carpet together. We have parking reserved just for you on the north end of the grass parking lot. 

Event Rules…..Alcohol or the use of intoxicants is illegal, and violators will be subject to the law. No gang colors, clothing, signs, symbols, handshakes, language, or other audible signs of gang membership or affiliation. No baseball caps or hats can be worn other than top hats. No flashing or throwing money or objects considered to be outward signs of gang affiliation. No smoking is permitted on the grounds. This includes e-cigarettes and vaping devices. Once you leave you will NOT be permitted back in for any reason. All guests will be security wanded and purses will be checked. No bags will be allowed. 

Spectators Watching from Home….Rotary Post Prom will be broadcast live by WCGV, My24 TV, and will stream live (www.my24milwaukee.com) from 6-9pm (with an emergency extension to 9:30pm). 

Safety is the primary consideration. Animal-drawn vehicles and animal riders are not permitted. No riding in trunks or trailers or on top of a car. Violators will be ticketed by the Racine County Sherriff’s Department. Only street-legal vehicles and lawful riding, as defined by statute, are permitted. The motorcade will enter the fairgrounds via the back entrance off Hwy 45. If you have an adult planning to drive your motorcade vehicle home once you arrive, they should enter off Hwy 11, park in the spectator parking, and walk to the end of the red carpet/meet you next to the bleachers. 

Contact/Question: racineprom@gmail.com, or give us a call or text at (262) 822-3833. 

VIP Spectator Bleacher Seats….If you have friends or family that would like to view your arrival to the fairgrounds in person from the bleachers a pre-purchased $10/ticket only and can be purchased at www.racinerotary.com. Visitors must enter from Hwy 11 at the northeast corner of the lot, and park in the middle/lower section of the parking lot only. Not the north end. Handicapped parking areas will be available. Please keep in mind the motorcade timeline is an estimation. The length of the motorcade and traffic will have an impact on the timeline. School arrivals will be announced when their motorcades arrive at the fairgrounds. 

VIP Tickets & Spectator Parking: Spectators please enter via Hwy 11 on the northwest corner and park in the middle/south designated sections of the parking lot. You will enter and exit at that same northwest driveway. Bleacher seats will be on sale for $10 each at www.rotarypostprom.com 

YOU MUST HAVE A TICKET TO SIT IN THE BLEACHERS! Try to stagger your arrival/departure times so there is room for all schools’ fans to come watch.

The top/north end of the field is for students only. Handicapped parking should be reserved for those with a formal placard/plate. 

Recommendations for a Great Experience: 

Please remember this is park terrain. Some the walkways are paved but some areas are uneven. The entire viewing area is outdoors and uncovered. There is no “standing room” to watch the red carpet. If you come down to watch, you will need to purchase a bleacher ticket for anyone over the age of 5. Temperatures do drop in the evenings and, rain is possible. It is best to watch weather forecasts and prepare accordingly. **No Refunds. 

Event Rules: 

If you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, please refrain from attending for the safety of attendees, volunteers, & other spectators, and kindly watch at home. 

Completion of Motorcade 

No spectators are allowed on the red carpet or near the motorcade. This includes for picture taking. Please remain in the bleachers. To ensure as many people get the opportunity to see their attendees, we ask that you leave the fairgrounds once your school has arrived. Roads will be dark for return trips, so please be safe. 


The motorcade will enter the fairgrounds via the back entrance off Hwy 45. No public is allowed. Please keep in mind the motorcade timeline is an estimation. The length of the motorcade and traffic will have an impact on the timeline. School arrivals will be announced when their motorcades arrive at the fairgrounds. 

End of the Night…..All prom goers need to leave the fairgrounds by 1:00am. Please make sure you have arrangements for transportation at the end of the night. Limited Uber rides will be available for emergency situations only. Text us if you need one! Roads will be dark for return trips, so please travel smartly and safely. 

FAQ: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14TmxvLDvAdoY8WhsuywtNd0onBlrg_Ui/view


If you have questions, please email us at racineprom@gmail.com, or give us a text at (262) 822-3833.